Person Paradox


Isn’t it strange how a person can be so right and so wrong for you at the same time? They can give you so many beautiful dreams but then also be the reason of your nightmares. They can be the one who don’t let you sleep but also why you would like to sleep forever. They can make you want to believe in shooting stars and 11:11, and also be the reason you slide down the wall of you bedroom, crying at 2 in the afternoon. They can  make the stars and the moon look mesmerizing but also make you fear the night.

They can give you a reason to live and also be the death of you.



Sorry for being missing for so long. Life was happening in between. Today is not a Monday and thus, not a day for Mini Monday Musings but the situation requires a word to be said and more to be discussed. #Floridashootings
#mmm #7

Dark room. A gun, an axe, a rope. All lay on the table in front of him.

A muffled question comes from a masked mouth, “What do you fear the most?”

“Humans”, the answer resonates in the dark room. “All of these are just objects without humans. You and I are the real threats.”


Can’t Undo Love 

#minimondaymusings #mmm
Had she loved him with all her heart, it would have been easier to forget him. 

But she loved him with her soul.                     Now he was a part of her…
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Memories in a suitcase 


Mini Monday Musings #5 #mmm

She opened the old suitcase. Her young son came running and asked what all was there in it. 

“Just a bunch of broken promises and unfinished stories”, she replied. 



Mini Monday musings #4 #mmm

Under the azure sky, they shared a kiss.        Even after 35 years and four kids later, he was able to turn her cheeks the colour of the evening sky…



Mini Monday Musings #3       #MMM
‘Our child will be our symbol of love’

Seeing the crimson fluid between her legs, the soldier’s widow saw the last of her husband’s traces fading away. 



Mini Monday Musing #2
They tried all means to separate them. Finally killed him. 

What they didn’t know was that the lovers had exchanged souls, not just vows. Now she was him and he was her.